Those with an Oceans Endorsement

Can I get a quick opinion? Take a couple of minutes and check this out Celestial Navigation Course.

As a down and dirty “quick” primer, what do you think? I’m thinking of giving it a run through and then augmenting with whatever I think is necessary afterward (Bowditch) before applying for the Oceans Endorsement.

I looks pretty good, all the basics look like they are covered; ya can’t beat free. I found it really distracting while reading through this the way the webpages are contructed, a book would be easier for me.

Nice concept, I agree with Jeffrox and would suggest making the pages less garish (maybe tone done the background colors), once the material is being presented, a little less distraction would be easier on the eyes… The material is well explained from what I saw. And you can’t beat free. I did my studying for the endorsement on my own with help from the the Starpath system. That system is geared more toward serious sailing enthusiasts than professionals but the staff was very helpful with exam type questions, but it wasn’t free. I’d be interested to hear from someone who has made use of this new system. It’s worth a look.

It teaches you how to do it. The USCG exam isn’t based on how to do it, at least in a practical sense. Keep that in mind as you prepare for the Celestial exam.

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Thank you gentlemen.

Substance is my primary interest. Along the lines of you don’t know what you don’t know. I probably have a better understanding of it than I realize but won’t know that until I dive into it. Very good point Doug, but that is also one of the things I liked about the AB to Mate program I attended. We actually knew how to do the work, not just pass an exam. Besides, I’m planning on doing the assessments and testing rather than taking a course so the practical knowledge will be a plus.

Thanks again guys.

I think it was nicely done, but it is pretty light on stuff that will be in the theory section of the exam. For example, I couldn’t find any mention of the various horizon systems. But, again, it is a nice intro into the topic and an even better refresher for those of us that haven’t taken a sight in awhile…

I’m having fun with it. The last sight I took was in 1990. I hadn’t realized how much I’d forgotten!