This must be a world's record for human endurance to survive

MY GOD! can any of us imagine the trial and fight to live?

[B]Real Life Castaway: Man Survives 16 Months Adrift in Pacific[/B]

January 31, 2014 By MarEx

NASA picture of Ebon Atoll

A man in a fiberglass boat washed up on a remote Pacific island. He also claims that he survived 16 months adrift at sea.

The ‘shipwrecked man’ was discovered Thursday when his vessel floated onto a reef at Ebon Atoll, near Marshall Islands. A Norwegian anthropology student doing research on the island was one of the first people to make contact with him. The student described his condition as bad, but improving.

Although the castaway only speaks Spanish, he was able to identify himself as Jose Ivan and tell parts of his story.

Ivan and a friend reportedly left Mexico in September 2012 and were heading towards El Salvador. His companion died at sea several months ago. Ivan said he lived off turtles, birds and fish and drank turtle blood when there was no rain. He was found in only underwear.

His 24-foot powerless vessel appears to be heavily scratched up and looks like it has been in the water for a long time, according to witnesses.

According to AFP, the islanders who found Ivan took him to the mainland and called the town’s mayor, who then called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Majuro. Locals are taking care of him and feeding him for now.

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