Third Officer Murders Captain and First Officer on Tanker

Ah, he was a violent criminal with an extensive and easily discoverable criminal record. You have to wonder how many other “El Locos” there are serving aboard ships in the global merchant fleet. Even within the small U.S. fleet…

Argentine authorities are holding a third officer who had been working on a tanker on charges of murdering the captain and first officer while the vessel was at anchor on October 22. The incident unfolded with a bizarre call from the third officer to the traffic control station in Buenos Aires saying that he had just killed the two men.

Crackling over the radio into the Rio de La Plata Traffic Control Center came a voice around midnight on October 22. “The captain and the first officer are dead. I killed them,“ said the person who identified himself as Carlos Lima, age 52. “I want the Coast Guard to come and arrest me.”

At around 1:30 a.m. on October 23. the Argentine Naval Prefecture boarded the chemical tanker Ayane, which has been at anchor outside Buenos Aires for the past two weeks. Aboard the 16,971 dwt tanker, which is registered in Malta, they found Captain Alejandro Daniel Garcia, age 39, and First Officer Juan Alfonso Pegasano, age 48, both dead. Both had been shot, but a search of the tanker failed to find the weapon. The Coast Guard speculated that the assailant may have tossed the gun overboard after shooting the two men.

The “murderer was a very calm person,” a Coast Guard spokesperson later told the media. He reported that Lima surrendered to the Coast Guard when they boarded the vessel and did not resist arrest. “It is believed the attacker could have suffered a psychotic breakdown.” Later brought before a judge, Lima however refused to speak.

The authorities were continuing to investigate the situation. Among the questions is how the assailant got a weapon aboard the ship.

They reported that the remainder of the 21 crew had retreated to the vessel’s citadel, possibly after hearing the shots. They remained in the safe location until the Coast Guard came aboard and took the third officer into custody.

Media reports indicate that suspect has a criminal record and had earned the nickname of “El Loco” (the crazy one). He reportedly had been working on merchant ships for the past eight years, after being released from jail in 2013. Five years earlier, Lima who had been a police officer until he was dismissed in 2007, shot and nearly killed one of his neighbors in Buenos Aires. He was sentenced to seven and a half years for the crime but released after five years.


This is freaking weird. In 2010 I worked with a Brasilian Chief Mate who was insane, used to be a lawyer for his country’s federal police who I heard later went to jail for trying to burn down a hotel. His name was Carlos too but Juan Carlos, I can’t remember his last name. He was to be taken off the vessel because he became crazy with the Master. The federal police was coming to pick him from the ship but the CM bailed before they got there. The guy was so scary I vowed I would quit a vessel before I ever set sail with that dude again.

This article is from 25 OCT, 2021


How did he get a gun onboard? He put it in his bag. It’s not like crew luggage is thoroughly searched.

In this article, near the end the guy blames it on Google & Facebook. Also, playing practical jokes on ex-con’s who were in jail for shooting people is never a good idea.

“I had an excellent relationship with everyone on the ship. Until the idiot first officer decided to throw me under the bus and tell everyone about my past on my birthday, October 13.

“Just like that: I blew out the candles and the first officer took a picture of me saying, ‘Carlitos, send a greeting to the boys from Batán’, which is the jail where I served my time.

“That past was something I had hidden under seven keys. It was a past that I had buried…

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