Third Mate looking to sail again......just renewed license....want to sail as AB

I just renwed my 3/M license and it will be coming in the mail soon. I’m currently working as a dispatcher for a fuel truck company. Hate the job. Looking to sail again. Graduated from Mass Maritime about 10 yrs ago. Any suggestions? I want to sail as an AB because if I sailed as a 3/M, I would certainly be the most incompetent officer on the ship. Haven’t done chart work in awhile. Haven’t done any celestial nav since I sailed as 3/M aboard tankers back in 2003. Just looking to get back on a ship again. As I said, I hate my current job and want out as fast as possible. Currently, I barely get any sleep at night because I take calls through the night from truck drivers. It sucks. Just want to keep the money stream flowing. Bought a new car recently and need to pay bills. Luckily, I renewed my license. The guy at the Boston REC said to me, “You’re making a wise choice to renew it.”

Yeah you just avoided a ton of BS with the new STCW amendments. You’ll be able to find an AB job in short order but it will take some effort. Read up on here in the employment section…bayou door knocking etc.

Red Right, I am in the same “boat”.
I never let my thirds go and am planning to go back to sea (GOM). Also despise working shoreside in the shipping industry after many years and plan to shortly .Good luck.