The supply chain crisis has a silver lining – container ships should be

Thought this was interesting.

There are not nearly enough containers, because ships that would normally pick up empty containers to return to ports in Asia have been sailing back empty-handed instead to minimise delays.

If this is correct wouldn’t it be better in the long run to delay each ship long enough to send boxes the other way to avoid having the entire system to eventually grind to a halt?

Article was also published by Marine Executive.

That would require a large injection of common sense, apparently sadly lacking these days.

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" This has made shipping companies much more profitable than usual, and they will hopefully use some of this windfall to invest in ships that can run on green fuels, …"

Got a good laugh out of that line!

“Even then, the big shipping companies will probably keep freight rates high after supply chains have normalised to help pay for decarbonising their fleets.”

That’s more likely to happen, they will impose a “carbon free” surcharge and keep on grinning.