The murder on uss mahan

No doubt we’ll be ramping up gangway security and trying to learn from this criminal act. The worst failing centers around the shooter’s use of a TWIC to get on the navy base. First off, this guy was a twice convicted violent felon. Having served a sentence for Voluntary Manslaughter he was still granted a TWIC. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but to me its a no brainer that a guy convicted of dope dealing as well as killing a guy and dumping him on the freeway has no business with a TWIC. Second: Why did the guard at Gate 5 buy off on letting him drive in to the base in his freight liner? How did he bullshit through our super duper tough security standards? His ability to snatch the gun from the petty officer of the watch might be the event that resulted in his ability to murder Petty Officer Mayo, but our country’s security apparatus failed us well before this event. Now lets all ask ourselves: How many more violent felons are roaming our navy bases?