The legal peril of being Master

It is no longer necessary to spill oil or have an accident through no fault of your own, for a Master to get in legal trouble.
In the new and wonderful “World of Trump” being in the “wrong” trade, or carrying the “wrong” cargo is enough:

Iran condemns US actions. Really? This is news? What rock have you been hiding under for the past 4 or 5 decades? President Trump could throw the weight of the US into supporting Iran’s desires and economy and Iran would still condemn the action.

I have been on this “rock” we call earth.
Where have you been??

Around long enough not to give a crap what Iran gets upset by on a daily basis.

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I you look back 7 decades you might find out why the Iranians hate our guts. Take a few minutes and read this little paper : The Economics of Overthrow - Central Intelligence Agency

I do understand that. Thanks for posting it.

Are you saying here that in the past an oil spill or an accident were the only two ways for a master to get in legal trouble?

No I did NOT (and you know that perfectly well)

Drunkenness, negligence and ignorance of the Law is no excuse.
(Stupidity MAY be, since it is not a crime)

Ok, so the topic seems to be things that the master can get into trouble for that are not his fault. Two things are listed. Are you saying that those are the only two ways?

This seems to be reinforced here, a new world where there are more than two things.