The BIG list...drillships currently under construction or on order

I know of a couple of newbuilds that have contracts but they are not announced, yet. Common sense is going to tell one that no investment group or bank would loan drillship construction money in hopes a contract may be offered so all can’t be on spec. As to the TOI question? I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from others on the front lines about TOI’s viability and future plans.

I need to update my list soon and when I do, I 'll add a column to state whether the ship has a contract awarded to it.

I can say that at Noble the Globetrotter II and all three of the Hyundai newbuilds still are without work waiting for them once they are completed.

I just found this site. It seems that this conversation ‘stopped’ a year ago according to the date shown. Has this same conversation picked up some where else?

I have noticed that most of these new class of drill ships have the specs of 12,000 feet of water depth and 40,000 feet of drilling depth, that seems to be fairly standard now days. I know some of the older drill ships can barely do half of that spec, is there any talk of replacing the older equipment, or is every one just trying to add to there fleet. If some of these new builds are to replace older stuff that would explain atleast some of it.

Ensco Exercises Option for Seventh DP3 Drillship

Ensco plc (NYSE: ESV) said Monday it has exercised one of it’s two options for a DP3 ultra-deepwater drillship, citing rising customer demand and favorable day rates. The vessel, the ENSCO DS-9, will be the seventh DP3 drillship ordered by the deepwater driller from South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard.

The ENSCO DS-9 will be the second drillship based on the proprietary Samsung GF120000 hull design, featuring retractable thrusters, a unique feature developed by Rolls-Royce where the forward thrusters will retract leading to increased efficiency while in transit and reduced overall maintenance. In April, Ensco introduced the new feature in the ENSCO DS-8, a drillship of the same design.

[B]Where’s that list c.captain?[/B]

[QUOTE=Mikey;72588][B]Where’s that list c.captain?[/B][/QUOTE]

GODDAMNED! This is almost unbelievable! When will this ever stop? Anyway, good on ENSCO and let’s keep em a coming!

OK, OK, I’ll be back to work soon Mike and once there I’ll have plenty of time to scan the web to update the list. It has been much to long and I am sorry to have been asleep at the switch on this one.

Can anyone direct me to this link please? The one that g-cap gave to another forum follower announced it as being invalid!:confused:

Where can this ‘list’ be found?


A couple of items to note: one is that there is not a single new drillship being built for Transocean

[FONT=Helvetica]Anyway, so there it is and all I can say is GOD ALMIGHTY ABOVE! Will this insanity never end?


Time to update that list c.captain T/O now has 6 new builds under construction, including the 2 they acquired from Aker

The Fleet Our Rigs Newbuilds Rigs Under Construction:

Rig Type/Name Rig Type Dynamically Positioned Designed Water Depth (Feet) Designed Drilling Depth (Feet)
Deepwater Asgard
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship
12,000 40,000
Deepwater Invictus
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Yes
12,000 40,000
DSME 12000 Drillship TBN1
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Yes 12,000 40,000
DSME 12000 Drillship TBN2
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Yes 12,000 40,000
DSME 12000 Drillship TBN3
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Yes 12,000 40,000
DSME 12000 Drillship TBN4
Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Yes 12,000 40,000