The Bahamian Reefer ship “DUNCAN ISLAND” arrested and detained with 100 kilos of Cocaine by Danish Authorities

16 Feb. 2020
Danish Police have arrested 27 crewmembers of the Bahamian Registered Reefer ship, “DUNCAN ISLAND” for smuggling approximately 100 kgs. of cocaine.
She was enroute to St. Petersburg, Russia when Danish Police intercepted the vessel during the transfer of drugs to a speed boat near Langelland, Denmark
All crewmemembers are under custody by authorities.

Ship-Duncan Island- has been in SUSPICION of having drug carried, NOT CAUGHT DURING THE TRANSFER !!!Please don’t spread fake news! The crew are being held for investigation due to 'by co-incidence being the only ship in that vicinity coming from south American ports -at the time police found some drugs ashore-Not even from the ship!