TC Nathan to threaten Queensland

Tropical CycloneNathan was located at 09Z 17 March 2015 near 14.6S149.5E or about
254 NM ENE ofCairns, Australia with max winds of 45 knots and was drifting slowly towardsthe SSW. Forecasts suggest that Nathan will turn more towards the southwestthen west as it gradually intensifies, likely reaching hurricane strengthduring the next 36-48 hours. Nathan isforecast to reach the coast of Queensland between 19Z/19th and 00Z/20th.

UPdate: TC Nathan at 09Z /18 March was centered near 14.9S 148.9E or about 225 NM ENE of Cairns, Australia and was moving slowly westward packing winds to 65 knots. Read more:

19 March 2014 Update: TC Nathan at 1200Z was near 14.7S 146.5E or about 146NM N-NE of Cairns, Australia and was moving west at 6 knots with max winds of about 90 knots. Nathan is forecast to reach near 100 knots max wind prior to landfall shortly after 18Z today.

Update 22 March: TC Nathan has made a second landfall over northernmost Australia and is again moving over the warm waters of the Arafura Sea where it will likely regain hurricane strength before turning southwestward and making a third landfall in about 24 hours. Read More: