Taho Australia vessel off Norway

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Does anybody know what is happening with the vessel Taho Australia? It’s ais status is “not under command” mostly for over two days. It’s off of Norway, seems to regain power/ control for maybe an hour or two and then is adrift again.

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Maybe she is waiting for a berth and doesn’t want to anchor?
If she is steaming around from time to time then she is not NUC.

Could be she drifting awaiting a berth / orders etc. If that’s the case the ship would drift and then periodically run back upwind / current to regain position.

It’s common for ships drifting to display NUC on the AIS to communicate their status as there is no option for drifting. Sometimes a ship will show “drifting” as its destination.

I posted about it here:

Maybe she is entangled in the Northern Polar Circle, passing just where she is?

She is bound for Narvik, where there are already 5 bulk ships at anchor, waiting on a berth. Only one ship alongside at the two ore loading berths at the moment.
Plenty of space to anchor on well protected anchorage in the fjord near Narvik,(??)

Maybe they are holding an Arctic Circle Baptism ceremony??:

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Vessel not under command means a vessel which, through some exceptional circumstance, is unable to manoeuvre as required by these Rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel.

Drifting is not NUC and she still has her obligations under the rules.

Of course, if it’s contrary to COLREGS than it must not be happening. :upside_down_face:


Probably didn’t notice the enormous anchor ball hanging off the pointy end.
If it had been foggy they would have been able to hear the hi-tec bell and the gong and thus avoided catastrophe.

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Thank you for the information. It seems odd to me that a vessel would choose to kill time by turning off it’s engines on and off for several days out in the open Atlantic instead of anchoring somewhere in the protected fjords near it’s destination. I hoped someone might have concrete information on this specific case.


She is now heading NE, but only at 2.9 kts.
Nothing has changed in Narvik since last I looked.