Subchapter M


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46 CFR 136.105 Applicability.

(a) This subchapter is applicable to all U.S.-flag towing vessels as defined in §136.110 engaged in pushing, pulling, or hauling alongside, except —

(4) A seagoing towing vessel of 300 gross tons or more subject to the provisions of subchapter I of this chapter;

(5) A vessel inspected under other subchapters of this chapter that may perform occasional towing;


Recent SubM article on marinelink dated March 27, 2018 if anyone has interest:


“another compliance issue that frequently arises pertains to the clarification of the manning requirements posted on the COI. As this is to be determined by the OCMI, the TPO is not permitted to suggest safe manning levels for towing vessels. Hence, vessel owners going the TSMS route are encouraged to consult Marine Safety Manual Volume III and their local OCMI to establish this.”


Another recent SubM article discussing the legal ramifications/liabilities associated with the new regs: