Subchapter M Towing Vessel Inspection Book?

Anyone know what the name of the new form used during inspections of inspected towing vessels? Someone at work says they are using the T-Boat Book. Form: CG-840-TI

I’m not convinced this is the book but maybe. Searched all over the internet but all I come across is the T-Boat book or OSV. I read something about the T-Boat book being used as a general inspection book for more than just passenger vessels.

yeah I don’t think thats what we’re looking for. Someone said it’s the CG-840-HI
Also, I guess we are inspected under Sub Chapter I not M.

Your best bet at this time is this.

It’s called Tugsafe and it’s specific to the veseel you are trying to get ready for Sub M COI.

Also, ABS has a booklet available and a form similar to the old Unispected Towing checklist that was used in the past from the USCG.

What’s the gross tonnage of your tug?

That sounds correct:

Plus the machinery inspection: