Styrene and Phenol in the FO

Well that would make it incredibly easy for regulators to regulate. It’s not like finding the cure for cancer to test crude deliveries for contaminants at the wellhead or pipeline terminal.

My take on this, people are being well paid not to know.

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Hopefully they will be havily fined for not knowing as well.
Here is another article with refr. to Guard P&I in Hellenic Shipping News:

A British Maritime Lawyer firm is chipping in:

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Latest on the “Houston Problem” from the International Bunker Industry Association:

And now the Norwegian Club is chipping in with more warnings:

Just to add to this: It largely depends on the size of the injection orifice. I would recommend strongly against any used lube oil being run through injectors with holes smaller than ~0.5mm, which relegates the practice to older medium speed engines and the like, basically any injector you would hand ream during the cleaning process. Metallic deposits at the orifice shoulder permanently damage the tips of smaller high speed injectors and rapidly destroy high pressure common rail systems.