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TheNavalArch launches the Stacking Height Calculator (Concrete Coated Pipes)
This Excel sheet helps you calculate the maximum Stacking height possible for Concrete Coated Steel Pipes when stacked in nested confirguration
The sheet also checks the strength of the dunnage on which the pipe is resting

How to use this Excel Sheet
The user is asked for some inputs to be provided. These include the Steel, Concrete and Corrosion Coating properties, and also the ground & dunnage properties
The user has to provide all the inputs highlighted in blue.
Once the inputs are provided, the app will calculate the stacking height limits for various load cases for Steel and Concrete separately
The final stacking height is the most conservative value from all load cases

It can be used only for nested stacking configuration
Coating stress is ignored as it is not expected to be the guiding factor


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  2. DNV RP-F-105 Sec 6.3.9
  3. AISC ASD 9th Ed.

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MT-19 Stacking Height Calculator (Concrete Coated Pipes) - TheNavalArch