Southern Ocean recognised by National Geographic

I was interested to be informed by gCaptain that the National Geographic will recognize the body of water around Antarctica and below the 60th parallel as the Southern Ocean after cartographers determined the area to be worthy its own name.

Really who cares what theNational Geographic thinks? Surely the naming of oceans belongs to some more authoritative organisation, as the article suggests. We’re we all waiting for a tick in the box from a magazine?

Everyone loves to refer in menacing tones of the dreaded Southern Ocean. It’s most assuredly rough down south. Yachties say they sailed there as a sort of salty tale in the yacht club bar for kudos from lesser mortals, but even globe-circling yacht races never actually go that far south according to its definition.

Speaking of definitions, Australia being different, defines it as touching the southern coast of Australia but nobody else agrees. I don’t either but what do you think?

The UN affiliate ‘IHO – International Hydrographic Organization’ is the gatekeeper of naming the seas.

The last official revision of the names of oceans and seas is from 1954.
Therein, the Southern Ocean was removed as independent ocean.

In a Special Publication of 1971, they give some not approved information >>>
IHO - Naming of the Seas and the Oceans

Today, there seems to be a general approval of reintroducing the Southern Ocean.
However, a correction needs unanimity to accept changes in the paper.

Some countries will not accept any changes, if their view of unrelated problems is not accepted.
E.g. the name of the Arabian Sea, not liked by Iran; or the name of the Japan Sea, not liked by South Korea.


There is an old sailor’s saying “ below 40 South there is no law, below 50 South no God”.


So, let me get this straight. You, Jughead, are against the minority view, and are siding with the authoritative organization? Really? :rofl: :rofl:

Dude, you’ve argued the very opposite on this forum re: climate change, ad infinitum. You’re the guy always saying experts are fossilized idiots, and progress only happens with paradigm shifts. Now someone wants a paradigm shift, and you want to back up the consensus opinion!

The phrase “reliably unreliable” comes to mind. :smile: