Some questions about maritime academies

I know this might sound like a stupid question but which maritime academy has the most amout of women ? Is there any academy that does not have any women at all ?

why not call each one? admissions has all this info. actually I believe most schools (academy or not) have the ratio published on their websites. google is a WONDERFUL thing.

im curious. is this so you feel ‘at home’ or is this to confirm the chick ratio to guys? seems like sort of a odd way to ask, I would be more worried about things like ability, determination and drive of YOU. The guy to girl ratio would be MY least concern!

I’ve looked into this myself. I wanted to attend an academy with more girls, but all of them only have a handful and I found that there were other things far more important.

It’s all how you look at the numbers. I believe that TAMUG claims the highest percentage of women, however I think that they include all the maritime studied programs and not just those getting a license. I believe Cal Maritime might actually have more. If you are curious because you are interested attending an academy and would feel more comfortable having other girls in your class, don’t worry about how many women there are. If you are going to contact the schools find out how many women stay in the program until graduation. Also try getting in touch with some of the female students to see how they like it.

You should look at the different programs available. If you want to work on boats and be in a part of the industry that has more women in it check out Maine Maritime’s Small Vessel Ops program, there are a lot of women actually working on sailing vessels doing sail training.

If you’re a guy and you just want to make sure there are plenty of chicks to date none of the maritime academies have that many, just look for one that is going to have more chicks in the area around the academy.

[QUOTE=mayats;39032]I know this might sound like a stupid question but which maritime academy has the most amout of women ? Is there any academy that does not have any women at all ?[/QUOTE]

Put it this way - if you’re a dude, I would refrain from playing Twister with my classmates.

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Yeah. It’s good to be yourself. Same with you, I will try to do something. So I support your decision!

[B]Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but this was my experience.[/B]
[B]I attended Great Lakes Maritime Academy (GLMA). The core “maritime” curriculum has a much smaller percentage of women than men. Though in recent years it has grown slightly. However……[/B]

[B]GLMA is closely associated with two other schools. Northwestern Michigan College and Ferris State University. Every student attends non-maritime specific courses (math, English, electives, business courses etc) with regular students with 50-50 or better “guy girl” ratio. [/B]

[B]I even took a swing, Latin, blues, and tango dancing through the college and became a skilled dancer during my time in the academy. I got plenty of dates by knowing how to dance, and I still get calls from the dancer girls almost every week. They miss me when I am away ;)[/B]

[B]Bottom line is if you’re a guy looking for girls; remember there are other ways to meet them than in your maritime classes. Choose the school right for you. Then chase skirts were you find them.[/B]

[B]If you’re a girl looking to “Fit in” same applies. If your confident and learn your trade the guys will respect you. No one can mess with you if you’re good at something. And again no one will stop you from having a “girls night out” with friends you make from any walk of life.[/B]

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Thankiossk Cool!