Ships creating clouds like aircrafts

Ships sailing along the Dutch coast can be seen producing clouds and traces. In addition to clouds from aircraft, ships can also create clouds. The combustion gases from ship engines are warmer than the surrounding air. In calm weather on the flank of a high-pressure area you can see this phenomenon. It can now also be seen on satellite photo from NASA.


Yes, they’re clouds formed around ship’s exhaust aerosols, commonly seen in the night near-infrared band satellite images. You can see them fairly often off the North American west coast in my weekly time-lapses; there’s a Wikipedia article that explains them.


A prerequisite for these cloud tracks is zero or almost zero Beaufort or they are soon getting diffuse and/or are blown away.

Fascinating time-lapse weather pictures.

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Yes, it’s like the weather picture is being fed straight into the brain, no shuffling wx fax charts around.

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Great link, thanks!

The trails are very visible near Unimak Pass.