Ship missing

Turkish ship with 12 crew missing in Black Sea (

May be the same one.

Aerial shots show a cargo ship broken in half after crashing into coastline in Turkey | Watch (

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I doubt it. When I saw the headline, I fully expected this to be another Volgo Balt that broke in half, but the Kafkametler (ship missing according to the first article you posted) is no such thing:

Meanwhile the ship in the second link does look like a Volgo Balt… I had a look around, and I believe it is the M/V Pallada, formerly known as Volgo Balt 103:

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I thought the same.

PS> Some may remember the KAFKAMETLER as the vessel that was in the news some weeks ago when it struck (or didn’t) a mine on her way to Ukraine.

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More news.

Cargo ship is ripped in half in storm off Turkey as rescue teams search for 11 sailors from another vessel that sank with at least one killed (

Black Sea Storm produced winds of 50-60 kts along the coast.
Black Sea Storm kills 9 in Turkey last weekend