Shell could abandon Arctic after this season


The rear minerals are to be found in abundance on the seabed in deep waters around the world:


The trouble for the Goliat FPSO is not over. Did the OIM quits over disagreement with management about safety??:


this Goliat thing is a never ending story of failures, it seems. Quite some incompetence related to that project.


Italians. Southern laziness meets Norwegian bureaucracy.


Meanwhile Mother Russia presses on…


Here’s some news on the Arctic tankers referred to in the article:

Those are probably quite similar to the ones Samsung built for Gazprom Neft’s project in the Gulf of Ob…


Maybe another 15 for Zvezda…


Next year’s planned drilling by Statoil in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea:


Here is what has gone wrong on Goliat:


With regards to the original subject matter of this thread, Shell spent upwards of $8 billion on their Arctic Venture with nothing to show for it. At the height of operations in the GoM Shell had 60+ boats under charter. With the downturn they currently have less than 20 under contract. I don’t believe any of them are Chouest.


Goliat will be allowed to start up again soon:


well, not sure if that’s a great forecast. Seems they evacuated half of their workers recently due to leakage issues with their power generator.


Norwegian Arctic Oil and the break even point for Goliat is in dispute:

PS> The picture of the Goliat FPSO is NOT on arrival Hammerfest, but before load-out in Korea.

PPS> The use of stock fish to make a protest shows the ingenuity of Norwegian fishermen.


The Chinese has gone home but they leave behind a very big find in the Russian Arctic:


More trouble on the Goliat platform in the Barents Sea:

Somebody turned the thermostat to high??