Setting sail on the stock markets: Is there a following wind, or a headwind here?

Recently, both Petroleum Helicopters Inc. (as ROTR) and Hornbeck Offshore Services (as HOS) have filed for listing on the public stock markets. Is this a trend? And is it an opportunity for investors, or a sign the companies need to raise cash for tough times ahead?
Rampant speculation only, please; let’s not get in trouble with the SEC by posting legit insider info! :scream:
My first look at their financials tells me both are worth watching, but ROTR might be more worthy of a few speculative dollars.

I would not touch HOS with a 10 foot pole. Their revenue numbers looked good in the article, but since September a lot looks to have changed. I’ve heard rumors that they lost all their Mexican contracts, which looks to be the case considering how many Mexican boats they have stacked in Fourchon right now. Also it seems like they’re trying to target the spot contracts rather than getting long term contracts, so there have been strings of weeks where they’ll have 20+ boats clogging up HOS Port and surrounding areas in Fourchon. Not even considering their history and that they are still bringing out more 280’s from Chouest. It all just seems to be too good to be true from them.

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