Seaman's Songs

Jesus, really? this is all you need.

I am too stupid to embed a video apparently. Foggy Shores of Home by the Masterless Men


I’m with you . Sailor by Rod Stewart on YouTube.

Cape Cod Girls is a sea shanty that always makes me laugh. I think I went to Mass with a few guys that slid down hills on cod fish heads.

Here’s a few from Scotland, Highland Voyage based on the classic Para Handy tales.

Does sitting on the flight deck, leaning back against the helo hangar door while sharing a bottle of scotch with a buddy listening to “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog” on a portable radio the night before docking in Hono count? :grin:

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It may not be old-timey but Dave Coffin’s Roll the Old Chariot is well worth a mention

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We should have an unofficial gCapt meet up at one of these Maritime fests.

Most assuredly Brett

A career Coastie taught me this: Semper Paratus is a laugh, we joined to beat the draft, the only water we will see is when we take a bath.

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Sung in Norwegian, but unmistakably a seaman song:
Skomværvalsen sung by Erik Bye.

More about and by Erik Bye:

A beautiful sailors lament

40 odd years ago Early Nov. On a UK Salty. Heading E out of the Soo.
Pilot a Nice old fellow. Informed me we were heading for White Fish Bay.
I was a Little Surprised but Called the Old Man, A Cantankerous old Geordie who had be crossing the NA longer than Poseidon. Informed him we were headed for Whitefish Bay,
Apparently it might be a bit windy.
Hell wi that lad keep going.
He is real keen on Whitefish Bay. You might want to talk to him yerself.
The Old man came up to have a chat with the Pilot it didn’t go well.

We kept going. Full Steam Ahead. or Full Sea Speed. The Pilot was offered a Cabin.
He spent a little time talking to his pals on other vessels heading for Whitefish Bay who were quite sympathetic to his plight. A few comments about Limey’s and the Capts ancestry.

I assured the poor old guy it would be fine, and told him i take for a bite to eat and wee drink.
When I got off watch at midnight.
By midnight we were out onto the Lake, It was a bit windy, I was quite impressed actually. We were hitting some big sea’s in a lake. Taking a few over the hatch covers, Engine overspeeding as the Prop came out the water. Just like the middle of the NA on a lake.

I met the old guy, and the 3rd Engineer. He was convinced we wouldn’t make it.
Poor Old guy was genuinely worried and was telling us about the Edmond Fitzgerald.
I wasn’t familiar with the story, Still relatively recent event.
The Old Guy had known McSorley.
He was a really nice old guy I liked him and felt bad bad for him. He was quite worked up.
Sounds like we we reckless. We were not a Laker. We were an ocean going ship.

The 3rd had a Gordon Lightfoot tape which he went and put on.
We listened to The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.

As we crossed The big lake they call Gitchie Gumme.
The Gales of November had come early.
The Wind in the wires made a tattle tale sound
And the Old Pilot was sure
The Witch Of November was calling.

I poured about half a bottle of Four Bells Navy Rum into the Pilot.
The 3rd and I enjoyed a wee drop ourselves, On the Capt’s Tab. As we kept The Old Pilot company until we were relieved by the 12 to 4.

We reassured him. Best we could.
A wea be au right man. Ere jus Ha yersell a nuther rum.

It was quite a night. The Wind and Sea 3 to 4 points on our Strb Bow. Hitting them pretty hard.
I cant swear to it. It was a dark night, I thought we took some of them 10m seas. It always seams worse at night. Not many times I’ve seen the sea go mostly white with spray.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald has been one of my favourite songs since then.
A sad tale a fitting memory for her crew many of who were not a lot older than me.

When we got to Thunder Bay on time they were quite surprised to see us.
We heard about it all the way back down the seaway.

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