Seafarers International Union School vs Attending an Academy

Only if it’s OSG and such. But, then you’re restricting yourself in experience and, tbh, becoming an asshole, 'coz that’s the only world that you know.

You go onto a Green ship or a Maersk ship or a Crowley run ship (Ocean something or Hapag-Lloyd or whatever) or a Tote ship, where competition is fierce, then no, you ain’t making $100k. Whoever told you that, is lying.

OSG is on the bottom end of the union contracts and they make over 100k

Name the co and year.

The current realities are different.

OSG has no officers’ union and engine dept is MEBA, standard contract, which is quite high. So, there.

OSG, Matson, APL, maersk, central gulf, even liberty is close to that

Exactly and the mates piggyback the MEBA contract so back at ya. An no it’s is not high when compared to other MEBA contracts

Look above for OSG. Dunno about Matson and APL as I sail East Coast. Central Gulf & Liberty is on the lower side of MEBA, but on the higher side of AMO.

Seems like you’re conflating engineers with mates. Whether lic or unlic., engine dept has always made more than the deck dept.

On this thread, the OP has made it clear that he is going deck and I’m ONLY discussing deck. For a newbie 3M to make $100k is not possible. A 2m is more closer to that.

I’m not going to argue anymore. I see 3rd mates and engineers making over 100k with more than one company. You choose not to believe it then so be it

OP when you decide to enroll in GL academy try and set up a cadet trip with OSG. They hire a lot of mates whe did their cadet time with them

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It’s not about me being obtuse or even wanting to get into an argument. It’s all about putting true information out here, in the front, for future generations & readers to get a proper assessment and coming to a proper conclusion and a career defining path.

I’ve been very open in saying that I sail deep sea, and in the current dispensation, whether it’s on 4/4months. at a max $15000/month, as a 3M, immaterial of which union you belong to, how do you make $100K/yr less taxes? It’s simply not possible.

If you’re saying that I’m wrong. prove me wrong, not for me, but for the future generations and in interest, of the US flagged maritime industry.

Just as long as the OP does not chose the Overseas Santorini :smiley:

Because the ship sucks ( I never sailed on her) or because he may not get the loads and discharges in 90 days?

You lucked out with your 6000-9000 a month apprenticeship pay during whichever phase it was as I have never heard of an apprentice making anywhere near that, definitely not as an OS.

What I meant is the quality of people who are going through the apprenticeship program has gone down; I have never met an officer who has disagreed with me either. Even officers who had gone through it in their day and have worked up to whatever level officer, will roll their eyes at the quality of people this program is putting out. It’s simply atrocious, with exceptions. Hope you’re one of them.
It’s so bad, most companies don’t even want to take on these apprentices. Why do you think so many of you guys end up on NCL pride of America?

You are one of those SIU guys who think that the apprenticeship is the only way to hawsepipe. Didn’t I clearly say I was a hawsepiper, yet I never went through the apprenticeship program?

If your aim is to become an officer, academy is the way, period.

The only OSG ship that he is going to get 90 days is an OSG ship on a coastal run. Not Mykonos and certainly not the Santorini.

Fuck that.

Why would you even ask a cadet to join an OSG ship for his cadetship? Have him join a ro-ro or a containership, see the world and enjoy life before, he gets bogged down doing cargo watches and cleaning the nozzles.


I would suggest any tanker for a 3rd mate.

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A ro ro? Yeah if you want to go to places but not have enough time to get off. Only two ro ros I have done we’re 120 plus days with only one day to go ashore. In and out too fast

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I did, hawsepipers are a dying breed in more than one way.

Guess you’re smarter than the iPhone keyboard autocorrect? Nice job genius.

No, I did not luck out, as it’s quite common. You don’t know shit about the apprenticeship and yet, here you are, pontificating, as if you know shit. FYI, Phase 2 is as an apprentice and Phase 4 is an STOS. NOT an OS. You know shit. Save your shit and assumptions at the bar, man.

Again, you’re opining shit when it comes to the lic agreeing or disagreeing. Officer? On an US flagged ship? Really! Language problems, isn’t it?

As for why the Pride of America for the 2nd phase and Crowley run MSC ships for the 4th phase (since 2017), (there I gave you more talking points), I’m not going to get into the politics of SIU, certainly not on a forum. Talk to Sacco or Telez.

When and on which post did you point out that you were a hawsepiper? Edited posts don’t count.

This is what I’m responding to, without bias, unlike your rant, with bias. All my information is geared towards giving him information, so that he can he make an informed decision, unlike you, giving no information, based on heresy and bias.

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No, they’re not. The GoM is not the final word on the US maritime industry.

If iPhone autocorrected you, why were you not paying attention, genius? Says a lot about you as a mate on watch. This is why the unlic are needed, so the all knowing lic are corrected, with a smirk.