Apr 30th 2009
From [I]The Economist[/I] print edition
[B]Foreign military bases have both political and practical difficulties. “Seabasing” may offer a solution[/B]


From what I knew of the plan, it involved a new generation of MPS ships and several LEWIS AN CLARK class T-AKE’s to support them.

Last I heard the project was a DIW.

Of course, at different points, the MV-22 and the EFV were both “killed” yet kept showing back up, so who knows.

Why put all of our “eggs” in one basket? No matter where this seabase would be set up; it would be within range of ABM’s and the location would be well known. One well aimed missile wipes out everything in one big ball of fire. All the personnel, all of the supplies, all of the war fighting equipment, the huge investment totally wiped out in seconds. Then what do you have left?
The huge cost will never be sanctioned by Congress, because it would be too large a chunk of the GDP.
ASnd can anyone really beleive that such a seabase could withstand typoons and other heavy weather?
This is a no brainer.:mad:

we gave up the best logistically stratgetic pacement when we left the Panama canal…the Chinese have now made inroads in our absence…be afraid, be very afraid!

The article was poorly researched and largely inaccurate. The only thing they got right is that there is something vaguely similar that has been in development for a long time.

“Seabasing” sounds like some sort of new drug thing! :slight_smile: