Sandy Hook Pilot Dies in Boarding Accident

Another Sandy Hook Pilot has died in a boarding accident.

Mentioned in a prior post just the other day one of most dangerous parts of the job was getting on and off the vessels. Ain’t the easiest task at times. Feel bad for the man’s 5 kids and bride.

RIP Captain Murray.
There’s a level of physical fitness that’s necessary for this job. Do any pilot organizations examine their members using higher standards than what their CG license requires?

“Higher standard than the USCG” would mean almost any standard at all based on a lot of the people I have sailed with

Far as I know, this guy was in good shape. I have sailed with quite a few mariners that were not in that great of shape.,but got the job done. Again, a dangerous, well rewarding job, no animosity for the pilots that earned their job. And to one of the Domers, everytime my son boarded a ship as an agent , whether underway or not, I worried for him making it up or off that gangway or Jacobs ladder. Been there my fellow mariner. I made it up there and back, some didn’t. My heart goes out. It wasn’t easy sometimes.

I remember Tim from our time at Fort Schuyler. Great guy and a true mariner.

That is really sad to hear.


On another site people were discussing this incident and other near misses involving pilots recently, they were discussing how to make a pilots job safer, someone brought up ‘Remote pilotage’ where Pilots do their job without being on the vessel.

They already do remote pilotage in some parts of North West Europe, but only when the weather is bad and the pilot can’t board.

You would think it might become more common, as technology improves there might be less of a need to actually have a pilot on a vessel when they can do the job from an office ashore.

It has it’s up sides and down sides, it would mean pilots wouldn’t have to retire when they become physically less capable of climbing a ladder, so more experienced pilots could stay around for longer.

But you imagine there will be a big push back against it from pilots as it might mean more work for less money and perhaps less pilots needed.

Info about remote pilotage:

There isn’t any technical reason why remote piloting of ships cannot be done similarly to the way unmanned aircraft fly missions in Bumfukistan from a trailer in Florida.

If ports were to install digital radars or laser trackers along the route and ships got a pilotage break for fitting telemetry onboard it seems like a reasonably error free system could be developed using existing technology.

Was doing work for Exxon delivering leaded gas to Honduras. The alleged pilot boat was a NATO type skiff which could not board due to weather. Docked it with no assist tug, sailed with no assist. WTF did I need that pilot for? To pay his fee for standing on the dock with a VHF and get through customs. Sandy Hook Pilots have my utmost respect, and earn their keep. So sad for the families that have lost their relatives trying to do their job.