Safety at Sea Awards 2019

The Safety at Sea Awards 2019 was announced during the recently completed London International Shipping Week (LISW).
Here are the winners:

Did anyone read the catergories and shortlisted orgnisations? In the Best Safety Product category was an electric lifeboat. It did not win, but what a brilliant idea. In real events the engines have proved to be a problem, and it has been their maintenance which has required people to enter boats, and in some cases fall into the sea. The electric boat would be totally reliable and apparently its systems could be monitored without anyone having to climb aboard. Absolutely great. I can’t imagine why it did not win.

A fully loaded life boat is suppose to be able to run at 6 knots for a period of not less than 24 hours. I don’t think there are batteries compact enough, have the appropriate weight or capacity to do that…yet.

Norsafe have put one in the water and I’m sure they know the rules.

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