Right to Repair

Merc have always sold the DDT kit to anyone for all version of their EFI since the late 80’s

From 2002 to 2006, the 3600/c280 Cats had a run of bad injectors. After changing more than 2 injectors, the trim had to be reset in the ECM. The only way to reset was with a Cat laptop’ The Cat techs could not keep up with 4 vessels stretched out over a 1000 miles. The charterers were not happy. Cat was threatened with demurrage and each vessel was issued a laptop. It sure simplified the operation.


They did for a while, which was really cool of them, but then they started being difficult like everyone else. CDS (the system that followed the DDT) requires me to start installation, confirm my dealer number, generate a hardware ID in the installation program, call the NSO tech and have him release that ID before installation can proceed. The G3 (latest version) has a periodic online dealer number check, so it only works for a couple of months without official support.

Oh, and @johnny.dollar, if I cry foul and you respond with “no foul, only lazy people”, you shouldn’t be too surprised if I see that as directed at me. Whatever, I’m done polluting my own thread with polemics.

I think you will find its the EPA that has become difficult

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