Restaurant sinking

any ideas on the sinking of the restaurant. is anyone familiar with it
is this a wood barge?

does look like any preparations were done on the main deck level to make it water tight. I dont see plywood over the lower doors and windows

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Under tow out from Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong:

Jumbo Floating was steel. Photo under tow showed questionable readiness for sea. Low freeboard open construction. Did they think water shipped would roll out ?


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that was my observation the main deck at the least should have been sealed as well as all tanks and voids and a couple of 6 inch pumps put aboard with a riding crew

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I was not there and do not know what preparations were done to satisfy the MWS, if one was engaged.

It is the beginning of the SW monsoon season in the South China Sea, but the northern reach of the monsoon front had not got as far as the Paracel Island at the time of sinking AFAIK.

PS> Heavy squalls are common in the transition period between the two monsoons though.

Thanks for the info. Guess they thought it was going to be like a lake.
I’m used to the west coast of the US. And Hawaii Pretty rough weather all year round I just moved to the east coast can’t believe they tow on wire bridals and soft line going coastal
I used to seeing stud link chain bridals and wire rope

For completeness’ sake. There already was a topic about the sinking of the Jumbo restaurant.

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First/time I had dinner on the Floating Jumbo all I could think about was the fire in”Noble House” kept looking for escape routes. Later thought capsizing & Sinking bigger risk. Turns out that’s what got her.

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