Research Ship Life- What's it really like?

Prolly low wages but if money is no issue check out this outfit.

I think i only saw ONE noaa engineer who was MEBA, the rest of us claimed the government thing as our union … I don’t think the govt. union ever did anything in the years i was there that i saw or even heard of!, I don’t even recall what it was called!, no dues or I’d wonder what they were for!
one thing i didn’t see mentioned was at NOAA you lived aboard all the time but if you took a vacation while at sea you had to tidy up your room for your relief. when in port there was cash for subsistence when the galley was closed and if you went to dry dock you got a hotel AND subsistence which paid for more beer than food !

Whoa… the brief time I was at NOAA I paid dues. Did I have to? No, but since MEBA represented me and the dues were cheap I thought why not? I got group 2 membership because of that after combining NOAA and MSC. I did call MEBA one time when I was trying to get leave to take care of family medical matters and NOAA was giving me a hard time. The MEBA rep Randi Cizewski went to bat for me and told NOAA in no uncertain terms to obey the law pertaining to federal employees and the MEBA agreement or else. This allowed me to get my daughter to proper care and not lose my job. I’ll never forget that.


Thru the fog I remember now the ‘option’ of paying dues. most figured we were lifers for noaa and didn’t bother but I do remember Randi’s name and the fact she was effective in a couple delicate matters aboard in the mid 2000’s , she did good!
I now have a better understanding of the unions’ representation, thx,

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Everyone’s a bit different, but more or less 9 to 5 weekdays. Usually some weekend work for mobilizing/demobilizing a cruise. Most try to avoid OT during inport periods if possible.

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