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I"d like my reply to a individuals post to appear directly under their post. I can’t make that happen, it always shows up at the bottom of the 50 replies all ready there. Some people copy the comment they wish to reply to and post it with their reply 50 odd posts down but i know it is possible to have your reply show up directly under the reply you are talking to, I hope there isn’t too many dog tricks to learn to make this happen.

To add a quote, you just highlight the text you’re specifically referring to, then the option will come up to quote the other person. Adding your text directly below the other person, as if in reply to them, doesn’t really work on forums, like it does on Facebook. Forums mostly stick to a strictly chronological format for posts.

The only way to have replies show up directly beneath the post they’re replying to is for the reader to click on the reply count at the bottom of that post. That will place a copy of each reply in chronological order below the post (without removing the reply from its original location). But only for that reader and that viewing.

so i see it’ll work (sort of) but it’ll still be possibly way down the list so far no one knows what i’m saying (sort of) , thx for the reply, both of you.

Non-contiguous replies to a post (like this one) will have a link to the original post at top right which if clicked will bring a copy of the original down immediately above the reply (again, for that reader and that viewing).

^^Now either that didn’t work this time, or it’s customized so that it’s not visible to the person replying (who of course ought to know what he’s replying to).

And I might be wrong about the action – it might move you to the OP rather than bringing a copy down.

The little arrows at the upper right of quotes will allow you to expand the quote to the full post in place, or jump to the original post.

But the only option for the replying poster is to reply to the thread or to a particular comment in it, or to quote from that comment.

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ok, i suppose i now know as much as most of us did when forums and such started… well, in my case a lot more. i’ll play around with it and eventually figure it out now, at worst it’ll just take a few more words so people know what i’m talking about !!

It seems if you reply to the post immediately above they don’t provide the little icon tag to “bring it down” or move you up as it were.

Agree. And the poster you’re replying to doesn’t get a notification either. I think the last is a bug but if so it’s a stable one.