Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric

Yes, crew being abandoned is unfortunately not a rare occasion, but this was about whole crews abandoning their ship in US ports, to become illegal immigrants somewhere in the midwest, or wherever.

Above my paygrade, and wrong end of the business but:

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I was wondering when you would show up. Had a good time??

It would have been 1990 - 1993 era.

The ship was the Al Attared

The crew was Bangladeshi and was not an isolated incident.

Following a run of such incidents US Immigration started a blacklist of nationalities who were refused shore leave.

This was probably instrumental in the reaction that Homeland Security took years later.

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What I want to know is…

Who killed my deflate DaBugge thread?

It’s alive and well. I think resistance is futile. Kinda like how thinking of baseball will kill a hard on for most, ombugge will stifle a thread with world history. He is very tenacious.

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How could I have missed replying to this

The bored part may be close, but what kind of cheap sh*t dump of a Pub have you been visiting?? $10 for “a pint” in a decent Pub would be hard to find these days and Ringnes is the beer of Oslo, not all of Norway. Here we drink Hansa from Bergen, or Dahl’s from Trondheim.
Sometime Mack from Tromso, which is a MUST with seagull eggs in the spring: Page not found – My Little Norway
It is also good with whale beef or seal flippers at any time.

Of course there is no such thing as “Pint” in Norway. It is either 0.4 or 0.6 ltr. which is either a bit less or a bit more of than a Pint. Even the “1/2-liter” that used to be the standard measure before, appears to have gone by the wayside in Pubs. That was close to a US Pint (0.47 ltr) while 0.6 ltr is closer to a UK Pint (0.57 ltr)

The cost of a 0.4 ltr. glas of beer will set you back abt. NOK 75 - 80, or more, while 0.6 ltr. cost around NOK 90-100 in most establishments.

In the new Micro Brewery that just opened near the Cruise Centre here in Aalesund:

0.4 ltr. of their cheapest Pilsner or Ale cost NOK 79, while their Stout or Porter comes at NOK 139 for the same size, It is shock treatment for the Cruise guests, many of whom set foot in Norway for the first time here.
But then again, nobody comes to Norway for the Sun, Sand and Cheap Booze. They may go to Florida for that?

BTW; The Brew Master at Molo Pub and Micro Brewery is an American from Florida,


That is such a warm and romantic looking little pub.


Looks more like a factory to me. But I assume you were being sarcastic, which is something I can appreciate,.

PS> This was a storage area for Customs originally.

…storage of smugglers?

The business plan is ‘Great Revenues by Great Desolation’.
Six pints in six minutes and the client is happy… and at the loveliest place worldwide…