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I googled "when was the last time the crew abandoned a ship in US port?
Plenty of crews being abandoned all over the world, but no crew abandonment in US ports.
The nearest to the crew abandoning ships was the Maria Celeste and a tanker off Liberia a few years ago. Maybe I used wrong search words?

I would like to hear when your Miami incident happened.(???)


Ah the subsidizing of Norwegian shipowners by the Government to equal out the playing field for Norwegian seamen serving on ships under NIS register.
I obviously have only a fleeting knowledge from the media, but Kraken, who are active in the business, may elaborate on how it works??

What I can find by Googling is this:


Within the last year or two, crew and ship abandoned by the American charter in Halifax. German owner refused to do anything about it for a long time.

I recall a foreign crew abandoned off Savanna within the last couple of years. Not sure how that ended.


There was one abandoned in Baltimore or Norfolk for a while, IIRC.


Yes, crew being abandoned is unfortunately not a rare occasion, but this was about whole crews abandoning their ship in US ports, to become illegal immigrants somewhere in the midwest, or wherever.


Above my paygrade, and wrong end of the business but:




I was wondering when you would show up. Had a good time??


It would have been 1990 - 1993 era.

The ship was the Al Attared

The crew was Bangladeshi and was not an isolated incident.

Following a run of such incidents US Immigration started a blacklist of nationalities who were refused shore leave.

This was probably instrumental in the reaction that Homeland Security took years later.


What I want to know is…

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