Question about percentage share

Good evening,

I am starting a commercial fishing business and would like to know what is the recommended average share percentage of the total catch between owner, captain, processors and deck hands.

Thank you.

Depends on what the catch is (cost expense analysis). Honestly, if you have to ask what percentages to pay your crew, never mind…
I know 20+ year experienced commercial fishermen that aren’t making it, and are trying to move into other aspects of the industry…
Good luck with your future venture… HH

I run a bandit/dive boat out of St. Augustine,we fish three-handed I (the captain)take a 10% share off the top,I take 25% for the boat,the crew split the remaining 65% and expenses are taken out of their share.(fuel,bait,ice,groceries,tackle,etc…)

Contact Oregon State university’s Sea Grant Program
Marine Extension Agent in newport Oregon.
I think Alaska has a couple Marine Extension Agents. I think her name is Jenny Gorblish. He husban fished for years out of Newport.

Two commets:
“Crew Share” completly depends on the fishery.
Why on earth would you want to start new in commercial fishing?!?

Its best to start with: Who will buy my fish and how much will they pay? Unless you have a buyer/market youre sunk. Then start deducting all fixed and variable operational costs. In other words, Pay the boat, pay yourself, and whats left over… pay the crew.

I think now days you may have to pay state minimum wage at least IDK.

Sounds like you’re talking processor vessel.
Officers, managers, skilled and documented crew will all cost more than factory hands.
Guaranteed wages are normal with shares following the same kind of trend.

I know it’s not the same thing but East coast dragging was often 50/50 owner/crew.
Gear and repairs from the owner, fuel, ice and grub off the top from the crew. 2 shares for the Captain, 1 share for the boat and the crew divvied up remainder. Usually if a guy couldn’t mend twine he made 1/2 share. Shack money (cash under the table) was almost always equal shares.