Pride in Maritime Summit: California State University Maritime Academy

We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming Pride in Maritime Summit (PiMS), an event designed to support the professional development of LGBTQ+ leaders in the maritime industry!

PiMS is not just a conference; it’s an equity-centered leadership development program that provides a unique space for mariners, community leaders, and students from diverse backgrounds to connect, learn, and inspire. We believe in the power of diverse voices coming together to shape the future of the maritime sector.

To find out more information and register, CLICK HERE!

Imagine being part of a groundbreaking event that bridges connections between industry professionals, community leaders, and aspiring students. Your contribution could be the catalyst for positive change in the maritime world.

This is your chance to make a difference. Whether you’re exploring cutting-edge research, suggesting practical solutions, or sharing personal experiences, your input matters. PiMS is the platform where your ideas can shine, where your voice can be amplified.

Join us in creating a more equitable maritime world. Together, let’s inspire change, foster inclusion, and empower LGBTQ+ leaders within the maritime sector.


Good thing that school is dying out…


So, do you believe that doubling in full-time freshman enrollment over the past 20 years is a new secret way for an institution to die out, or are you just kind of an a**hole?

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Just an asshole.

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It’s a bit humorous that CMA thinks that attending this Pride Conference is a way for mariners to advance their careers.

Maybe at MSC.

I don’t know how many LGBTQ mariners there might be. Undoubtedly more than I think, but probably because most keep that hidden deep in the closet while they are onboard.

I think it would be fair to say that 99% of commercial mariners would not be very accepting of LGBTQ lifestyles or ideology onboard, although they would be a lot more tolerant onshore.


I’ve worked with lesbian engineers, I’ve worked with gay engineers, I’ve worked with bisexual engineers, I’ve worked with trans engineers, and I’ve worked with queer engineers. Their “lifestyles” had no impact on their ability to turn wrenches, and their “ideology” didn’t affect how they ran the plant. What’s not to accept?


As a former commercial mariner I never gave a rat’s ass about anyone’s “lifestyle” off the ship. If I did I would have been most against the alcoholics who weren’t worth a damn until they had a week to dry out once they came onboard. Sailed with some characters some of whom may have matched one one of those LGBTQ categories. Didn’t care as long as the job got done and they got along with the rest of the crew.


I once had a Mate that was a lesbian. I didn’t know that she was a lesbian until a year or so later when I heard about a lot of drama on another boat involving her and her girlfriend and an intolerant Captain that fired them both.

I once had a cook that might have been bisexual. Some of the crew from his home town claimed that he was. He went ashore for a few hours and then disappeared for a couple days in San Francisco. I called the police and hospitals looking for him to no avail, but he showed up about 10 minutes before we sailed.

I cannot recall any other LGBTQ crewman, at least not that I knew about. Given the hundreds of guys I have sailed with over the years, I can only conclude that there are very few LGBTQ crewmen in the tug fleet, and that those who are, keep it very quiet.


What does this mean?

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It means that the Government (MSC) might be impressed that someone went to a Pride Conference at CMA and got Pride training and a certificate.

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Yeah, based on their hiring practices that makes a lot of sense.


I mean, it could be advantageous from a personal standpoint to gain tools to help you deal with folks better. Not in a “wow, this person went to a conference” sort of way but nore of a “wow this person isnt a duchebag” sort of way.

Perhaps theres a reason you have “concluded” there are very few LGBTQ folks in the fleet:

If we preached fire and brimstone every time one of our shipmates talked about going up the street to the Whorehouse, maybe you’d hear a lot less about fplks escipades or how often someone keeps “accidentally” ending up with ladyboys.


No you haven’t.

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Your words have shaken me to my core.

I’ll get on the phone and start telling all of the LGBTQ engineers I’ve sailed with that some guy on the internet says they’re not real. Or is it enough to just tell them that they’re straight now? Kind of a mix of conversion therapy and baptism by proxy?

If they’re married, do they have to get divorced, or would a simple promise to refrain from hanky-panky with their same-sex spouse keep the engine room pure enough for ya?

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You could just stop making things up for weird internet points. They’d probably appreciate that.


‘Deal with folks better’? What do you intend for that to mean?

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Cool story bro


I do not care what color or gender a mariner is, as long as they are competent. In the old days most of the pursers on board were gay. No one cared.

Well, mariners are usualy excellent shiphandlers and engineers, however there are lots of folks who can inadvertently do harm to their shipmates’ career path, at best making them feel isolated, at worst bullying them off the ship. We need people for this whole thing to work, and folks either intentionally or unintentionally running off smart, capable mariners is not great. Listing every lesbian you’ve ever sailed with is a weird thing for someone to do. There are a lot of blind spotts for folks out here, and anymore self awareness we can get is for the better.


Possibly the true definition of “woke”