Port Trucker's Pay

Excellent. I think thats the kind of thing that hand held user friendly technology that anyone can access from their mobile phone or iPad / notebook really serves our society in a positive way.

Have you heard about Open Tug?

They are trying to do the same thing for the tug and barge trade. Excellent idea. I hope it takes off.

I worked as a logistics driver, I was on the road at 5am, and number 20 in the list some days, I always wonder how a lot of drivers got on the list before me, and many days not get my first load by 10am. On days like that, I would make this my going home day because I set my minumun at $50 by 10am. The dispatch firm made up a bunch of new rules for us Dependant drivers even thought we own our own equipment, like we have to produce certific of Workmens compensation, Many days I don’t even make enough money to buy fuel and my truck insurance is killing me, yet a lot of brokers from the middle east driving old wrecks always have new merceedies cars parked in the compond and seem to be forcing everyone out of the terminal by undercutting the prices until, we all leave, then they will jack the prices sky high