Pirates attack Gulf of Mexico oil rig, lock up crew and loot the contents


Does anyone know if this is real news or not? I Googled it before I posted it and did not see that it was fake news, so thought I would share. I will delete it if it is not true.

Legitimate source looks like – I’d be very surprised if it were not true.

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Sounds like they were barking up the wrong tree. The poor bastards aboard probably hadn’t been paid in months whilst this company is navigating bankruptcy.

It’s not the first such attack. This happened earlier this year:

And the problem has escalated in recent years:

“The pirates departed at 4:00 am on Monday, when the rig’s captain sent an emergency alert to authorities. The navy responded 4 1/2 hours later.”

Had to give the pirates time to escape with their share of the loot and no drama.

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Piracy is a thing in the Gulf, apparently

Piracy in the Mexican part of the GoM is increasing:

Is piracy more widespread in Mexican part of the GoM than previously reported?: