Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

The 2004 built anchor handling vessel OFFSHORE SOLUTION (ex DON NICOLA) (IMO 9303625) waiting till her tow, a fuel tank barge, was ready to sail from Curacao. Photo: Aart van Essen ©

Nice paint job??:

Van Oord’s brand new Waterinjection dredgers MERSEY & MAAS navigating the Noord.
Photo : Hans Lingbeek ©

The TROMS LYRA moored in Den Helder Photo : Roy Flem ©
No longer “A TDW company” painted on the sides. (??)

Before, as Deck Hauler:

Now, as Sealicehunter 1:

What is it like being in the wheelhouse on this one in rough weather??
(Especially if out of the notch)


PSV being launched at Batam:

The US flagged 1976 built tug THOMAS moored in Rotterdam-Lekhaven prior departure with the NP 476 Photo : Sandra Warren © (c) The THOMAS departed from Rotterdam Waalhaven with the loaded NP 476 to Ascencion - St Helena spotted on deck of the NP 476 is the multicat METIS and other materials.
Photo : Ruud Zegwaard - -

Very different:

The RAINBOW WARRIOR inbound for Aberdeen harbour Photo : George Saunders ©

Busy times at Vigra Spool Base.
Seven Vega alongside spooling pipes:

Seven Navica alongside in Ålesund, awaiting her turn:

Statsråd Lehmkuhl in Norfolk, Va. 2011
Here she is flying the Navy flag, so probably manned by Navy Cadets.
(Her regular civilian Master. Officers and Crew as well)

What is the Navy Flag?
I see a Norwegian Flag, with its leewards and worn out end flattering in the wind…

No it is not a worn flag. The Norwegian Navy fly this flag:(Split flag)

It is the official “Stat Flag”, flown from Government buildings as well as state owned vessels. (AKA; “Orlogsflagget” when flown on naval vessels

Several varieties of the “Split flag” are in use, like this one:

Flown on ships that carry mail (Post)

The Royal Yacht Club (KNS) has their own “Split flag”:

Not unlike the many varieties of the Union Jack:

The Sea/River ship POLA ANATOLIA anchored at the Everingen anchorage (Westerschelde) Photo : Mateo Witte ©

The 140- by 16-metre, 5,128DWT vessel and its sisters were designed by Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Like all Project RSD59 vessels, Pola Anatolia is a “Volga-Don Max” ship as it possesses the maximum possible dimensions for the 101-kilometre Volga-Don Canal.

Ever wondered what “A bit too fucking far” looks like with fishing vessels?

Feast your eyes on the new Libas

There has been such a ridiculously large concentration of fishing quotas / assets in fisheries that they are starting to build yachts instead of working vessels.