Pictures don't lie, but they may tell tails

An incident in the Taiwan Strait the other day has been headline news all around the world:

The pictures in the above report and shown in most news report. shot from another ship, looks dramatical:

But the video released be the US DoD, shot from the US ship involve, shows the real situation:

Yes, a breach of the Colregs, but not “withing feets”, or even “yards”. (in small numbers)

Not unusual for warships to play “cat and mouse”, or to provoke the other side in a “game of chicken”. Stupid game played by grown up men with expensive toys.

PS> To be fair; The Global Herald / Sky News shows both videos in their reports.

Ah, shades of Maddox and Turner Joy. What did SECDEF and CNO expect?

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It was a pretty gutsy move by the Chinese given the recent history of the US Navy. That DDG could have just plowed right into them. Ship? What ship? Oh, the one directly in front of us. Oops.

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On the same note, but very different subject. What do yoy see here?: