Peterson announces plan for new port in Cameron, Louisiana

Energy logistics firm Peterson announced it has signed a partnership deal with Port Cameron LLC to develop a port and supply base on Louisiana’s Gulf coast.Peterson, a multinational founded in the Netherlands, says the Port Cameron development will include a 500-acre deep-water staging port in Cameron parish.The company will be manager of the port and will have the option to lease 1.2m square feet of space in the planned Port Cameron Logistic Centre.It will be built on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, a waterway linking Lake Charles to the Gulf of Mexico just three miles away. And there will be scope for expanding into another 750 acres.When finished, Peterson says Port Cameron will be the largest private energy services facility on the Gulf Coast. It will include 21,000 linear feet of bulkhead lots on dredged slips of 500-feet and 700-feet and dredged depths of 33 feet.

Oooooooo. I know there’s some gnashing of teeth going on in Fourchon and Cut Off over this plan. Have to see how it plays out.

Those Louisiana environmental impact studies can take a long time. It could be a while before any permits to build would be issued. :wink:

How is it a good idea to build a new support base at Cameron? What is the market for it? It seems like a much more distant and unlikely place to support deep water drilling. Wouldn’t Fouchon, Corpus Christie, New Orleans, Mobile, and Pensacola be better?