Pay-Scales starting with Seadrill

Love the new features! Le me test them out with a copy of Seadrill’s March Payscale.

Does Seadrill allow you to work over if you want?

The Drill Spot has a few more positions LINK
anyone have something more current?

<strong>Here’s the pay of the average sailor:</strong>
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Saltys - does Seadrill hire just DPO’s (I have a 1600 t Master NC)? Am I reading the first chart you posted correctly? 25% hitch bonus, when is that paid out?

That pay scale has increased since 2007 and it may increase again before the year ends.

Anchorman you think he is dying for the rig to move show he can show them his skills of turning at mock 10 red line.

I always regarded that as a lack of skill, but whatever floats the man’s oil rig?!

Well…we will actually be moving in a week and a half so I will get to spin her around. One of the first things I asked was how many degrees per minute it will spin. LOL

Off topic, but why does this post keep asking me for authentication whenever I open it?

I had an error in the code that uploads photos… should be fixed now.

Anyone have updates on this thread?

anyone have the SIU payscale?

Many of the tug companies working in NY Harbor have contracts with Local 333. You can view online all of the Local 333 contracts that active with companies in the north east.
Go to Local 333 homepage, [U][/U]
Look at the menu bar on the left side of the homepage. Click on "Contracts.”
See what the companies are paying, the benefits, travel pay and grub money.

The latest Transocean Payscale.

cmjeff- Thanks for the information.

SIU have different contracts for different companies. Oftentimes they have different contracts for single ships within the same company. The pay scale can vary a lot from company to company or between ships owned/operated by the same company. Also there are a lot of other factors you have to take into consideration that can affect your earnings ie vacation pay, benefits ( SIU have 3 different plans) and unemployment benefits that you can collect on your time off ( that depends on which state the company is registered in).
To give you an example. Some ABs on some ships make less than OSs on others.
As an electrician, working for Maersk for 4 month, I made a little over what I made working for Horizon Line in 2 month. Then again Maersk have a lot of contracts and different pay scales. If you tell me what position you looking for I can give you an average.

Just trying to separate fact from fiction. There’s a lot of talk among my AB buddies that on some barges AB tanker-men are making 500 and over a day. Is that a scientific fact or a scientific rumor.