Part time job working on a ferry


Hey folks, I’m still on the fence of whether I want to go to an academy or the SIU training program. Either way, I’ll have to wait at least a year before I do either. (I need to get some dental work done, get some debts paid off, etc). But I have an opportunity for a ferry crew position on Lake Erie (Jet Express). Would this be a good job to take for experience? I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!


Work is work and that is what pays the bills.


Definitely take the job. You can build some sea time and learn more about the industry. I’d try to work full time if you can.

I started on sightseeing boats in Chicago. These jobs can lead to great things if you take it seriously and learn as much as possible. Some of the captains I worked for had impressive resumes, and were more than happy to offer advice and be references for future jobs. Good companies will help you get where you want to go.

This applies more to the coasts, but you can also have a really nice career working on ferries. Unfortunately the ferries in the Great Lakes are seasonal and don’t pay as well.


I second this. I too started on sightseeing boats in Chicago with my 100 ton license. It motivated me to go get my AB and transition into tugs/ships and now I’ve gotten an unlimited license.


if you have the right attitude it could be a great prelude to working on a cruise ship (not that usa has many) but as mentioned… go for it.


That’s true. This job is going to be minimum wage. But I have a full-time job during the week to help keep my income flowing. This job will be on the weekends. Thank you for the encouraging words!