Parachute Sea Anchors - New Maritime Technology Hopes To Save Lives At Sea

A dynamically positioned (DP) drillship operating in the Gulf Of Mexico prepares for an appr… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

My personall opinion:

This advertisement is half baked BS.
If you want to know why it wont work read the following book.

Heavy weather tactics: using [B]sea anchors[/B] & drogues Hinz, Richard R.

While parachute sea anchors deployed off the bow are useful to maintain station, they are NOT advised in storm conditions for a variety of reasons.
My personal experince: 80’ Japanese highseas gillnet boat in the Bering Sea. They used a paracute sea anchor deployed off the bow to reduce drift to 1-2 knots. HOWEVER, the captain would never deploy it in a storm. Why? Ask yourself, how big of a SINGLE synthetic hauser would you need to anchor a 750’ boat in a hurricane? Remember it has to be ONE line off the bow!

Now running with a speed limiting drogue off the stern my work. But that is a diffrent product.