Olympic tug and barge

I searched on here and did a goggle search (that one is for everybody that followed the baldy thread), for Olympic tug and barge. Cant find to much about them, any body have info.

thanks fellas


based on a quick search it looks like it is Harley Marine now.http://www.harleymarine.com/companies-otb.asp

i got that much from the internet, just wondering if anybody has an inside scoop on them. talked to them today about a tankerman spot, sounds good but i keep getting them and island tug and barge crossed in mind. i remember one of them is a, shall we say not such a great place and the other is, but i cant remember witch is witch, been sniffing to much benzine.

Olympic is good outfit.

Isn’t there 5 or 6 companies under the Harley umbrella?

from the looks of it, yes there are about 5 or 6 different companies under the Harley umbrella. Ive never heard anything bad about any of their companies, but cant say ive heard anything good either, infact i dont think i have heard anything

The Harley company here in San Francisco (Starlight Marine) has a good reputation.

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