Offshore Work

Are things picking up at all down in the gulf now that spring is here?

It depends on what you’re talking about. The shelf work has slowed down, but the deep water continues to prosper. Most deep water projects and companies that service these contracts have not lost any work. Chouest for instance has 18 vessels being built just in the domestic market over the next 24 months and have contracts on every vessel in the fleet, but 2 crew boats for spot hire as of two weeks ago.

this announced by Seacor this morning

[B]Secor vessels cold stack in Gulf of Mexico[/B]
News - April 7, 2009

Louisiana-based Seacor Marine has cold stacked 15 of its Gulf of Mexico offshore support vessels so far this year, citing the low oil price which has resulted in lower activity levels.

Which of their vessels are these 15?

[quote=c.captain;11100]this announced by Seacor this morning

Which of their vessels are these 15?[/quote]

Most likely the smaller vessels. I know several of the utility vessels have been out of work. Capt.Lee may know, his dad been over there with a 500ton license forever.

I was interested in the smaller boats. I hold a 100 GRT Master 200 GRT Mate but things dont sound real good in that area. Thanks for the info guys!

Seacor has a lot of junk that would be better off used as a fish conservation reef or dive attraction off the Coast of Florida. Mostly older vessels that can not compete with other vessels that are slightly larger, but their capacities are greater and day rate is the same. I just can not believe seacor’s newbuild plan. They build a bunch of BS anchor handlers than can not compete in deep water at all. They don’t even have shark jaws. It is like they built a boat 25 years ago and then put it in a time machine to the present and added a dp system to it when it got here and then put 90 year old captains on it. Good luck!

I will openly admit that my head was up my a$$ when I left Chouest for the reason I did! WOW!, if I could just press rewind!

Have you talked with GOL recently? I don’t know how busy they are right now, but they still have 5 or 6 crewboats scheduled for delivery this year.

I am glad you said it because I was definitely thinking it back then when it all went down. They have us by the short hairs though splash. Sometimes you just have to take a big spoonful of shit, swallow it and smile and ask for seconds. Believe me, it took me having my head up my a$$ + a case of the Red A$$ = before I had the courage to make a move.

Yeah, Capt. Lee, I wish I had to do again… I could have really had a good start there but shit happens and hind site is 20/20… So all I can do is keep on keepn on and hope maybe I have one more bit of luck to come my way! Yeah shoot I send GOL an an app and resume once a week but nothing maybe I need to give alex a call down there or get down and see him. Thats where I really wanted to work because of the schedule+eqipment.

Splash - Many thanks for the update. I was following your postings last fall, and often wondered about your experience at Chouest.

I followed your footsteps several weeks later, and ended up with a different crew boat company. It has been steady work, but we recently took a 15% pay cut, and have been reduced to a 14/14 schedule, down from 28/14.

You’ll have to forgive me but is “splash” an acronym for some human resources program as ECO?

Having worked for both companies, GOL is by far the best company. Dont get Suzi on your bad side.