Offshore Wind Farms


China is forging ahead with offshore wind farms to alleviate the pollution problems experienced in the heavily populated Pearl River Delta:


Another floating wind farm project is under development and testing offshore Portugal:

Note: “Wind power in open waters can be 3x that of onshore”.


The first Wind farm service boat based on Surface effect (SES) has completed testing in Denmark and is now working off Scotland:
A series of such boats are intended built in the years to come.


Substation nears completion, will be interesting to see if the Pioneering Spirit is booked for the job.


Yet another wind farm installation vessel has been launched. More sophisticated and with bigger crane capacity, both in weight and lifting height than anything before:,nextgeneration-offshore-installation-vessel-launched-in-china_55968.htm


The new cable layer ship for Nexans will be equipped with an innovative boat handling and launching system, able to handle several boats of different size and type:


Hull of the second W2W vessel for Acta Marine has arrived in Ulsteinvik for outfitting:


Big money chasing blocks:


Along comes a 10 MW turbine

Then suddenly