Offshore Tug Bourbon Rhode in Distress After Getting Caught in Hurricane Lorenzo

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“My guess is they just sailed into the system unawares.”

I’ve been a Master onboard the Bourbon Arethuse way back 2008… We had a SAT-C/ Navtex for weather monitoring. I’m sure the Master is aware of the weather. Commercial pressure is a possible contributing factor in the Master’s decision to sail through the storm.

Commercial pressure is a real thing. As I got older, it was easier to ignore

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With a route mid-ocean avoiding the tropical cyclone is going to take less time than a route which passes through the system. Most likely a small vessel like the Bourbon Rhode will be forced to hove-to in the sea conditions found in a tropical cyclone and a great deal of time will be lost.

The other factor is that an attempt to transit through a tropical cyclone is an unacceptable risk.

Any mariner that does not understand this is not fit to sail master.

Standard practice is to do everything possible to avoid getting caught in the tropical storm force wind field, for what should be obvious reasons.


Yeah, you’re right…