"obscure" .... 'Jones Act'

Please enlighten us poor idiots with your grand expert wisdom. How the fuck is a nearly non existent USMM “too fat, dumb, and happy”?


I’d imagine it has something to do with “kids these days”; “back in my day”; or “things aren’t like they used to be” … When you’re in your mid 70’s a lot of topics come down to those key points. Something something whippersnapper.

Well I got my first hand spanking from the mods for bringing out the proverbial “pointy stick” on this very inciteful post.

I thought the Bert and Ernie meme was apropos for the situation but I guess I’m in the minority.


wow. that was pretty tame compared to things we have seen in the past, but i guess we are in a new era.
for the record i enjoyed it.

Full disclosure. I followed it up with a medical diagram of how to insert your opinion into your rectum so that may have been a bit too far. Maybe…

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I got my first laugh of the day from G captn. but that damn yankee caused me to go get another beer! I’m still laughing. gawd, you old salts are such a bunch of perverts!!! I’m probably near the top of the list but then i generally tend to respond in the morning when things are more ‘correct’, despite the new forum format !!! Don’t be too hard on Capt. Van-- he may be a good man to sail with. I rent a couple hundred acres to a history teacher that is not at all in favor of personal ownership of firearms and my mission is to make him understand why there is a 2nd ammendment. OUR mission is furthering ability to relate to everyone. as sailors we have this capablity forced on us due to our living curcumstances!

lets see how the US airline industry would go if a subsidised cheap non taxpaying competitor from the 3rd world could enter and do the same job


I think if the US taxpayer knew what it cost to have PR, it would have been cut free long ago.
Maybe Trump could get a good press if he announced that after all these years he is returning it to its Natives?
Maybe giver ot back to Spain as they might be losing a bit of turf soon?


that’s funny, give PR its ‘independence’. you know, like California wants to secede. Doubtful the media would find such action that reduces my tax liability favorable though.

The Wife and I were just this morning talking about PR going it alone. I said, let’s rebuild the entire Island, wipe out any debt then cut them loose. If you listen to what some of the residents are saying they want out from under the Main Land. So, they will have a brand new country and no debt when they being there new life as a stand alone country.

I would give them 5-10 years before they come back crying for more money. That’s if another Country doesn’t step in and take them over.

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I can understand captain Van’s viewpoint. Nothing in the world brings down prices and encourages competition and inspires more and new industries like a free market economy BUT: in the international trade, like us sea farers, We (american sailors) use the US dollar! Until they invent a common world currency or one backed by something other than “good faith” we need the jones act to save our asses and the American Maritime! Otherwise it’ll be gone overnight.

Not all 70-something has stagnated and are unwilling to accept that things have to change for the greater good.
Looks to me like the resistance to change and unwillingness to see things in new light, is less dependent on age then on background and experience.

Present company exempted.

If the greater good means putting flag of convenience shipowners & builders above American sailors and shipyard workers, then I’ll stick with the lesser good.


No, not “putting FOC ships and foreign crews above American sailors” but ahead of shipyard owners, managers and share holders that just want to profit from a captive market, yes.

Like I have said many times; you can have cabotage laws that protect American sailors, but also encourage shipyards to modernize and compete.

BTW; The right of seafarers is covered in MLC '06, or can be in special US Laws, rules and regulations, not in a cabotage Law.

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HUET is only a one day class and half of it is the same classroom stuff as BT or Fishing Vessel Driil Conductor. Half of the stuff in the pool is also the same. Adding HUET to a BT class might make the class one hour longer.

If We’re running a school, I’d be selling a cheap HUET add on to my BT class.

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In our current situation, the hypothetical possibility of a better cabotage law isn’t really relevant to my views on the Jones Act.

Anti-Jones Act politicians and media personalities speak of repeal, not improvement. When has McCain talked about protecting maritime workers?

I’m the first to admit that the Jones Act is not perfect, but the options we’re being presented with are its continued existence or seeing it cut apart piece by piece. If you can get a better cabotage law that helps American workers on the floor of Congress, be my guest. But if you’re going to try to convince us that repeal advocates have our best interests at heart, you might as well go piss in the wind.


No I learnt a long time that pissing over lovard side is not a good idea.
I’m sorry to have to agree with you that to get a new and improved Cabotage Law that actually protect the jobs of American mariners, or shipyard workers through Congress, is not very likely in the present political climate.
It doesn’t make it more likely if the same people who needs it the most is fighting it tooth and nail.

its all relative. I just wish I would have saved that image before it got taken down.

I’ve got you covered. Just check your PM.

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