Not So Fast Please

I am just sharing this article with you: as persons are so quick to trash the Jones Act whenever they can. They forget about how many US Jobs the Jones Act promotes and could promote if we focused on the US. We need an energy policy that supports alternative fuels more than we need to do away with the cabotage aspects of the Jones Act. The only saving grace that makes me feel that writers like this will never get what they want is that Congress cannot agree on what time to take a lunch break let alone pass comprehensive legislation doing away with the Jones Act.

[B]Jones Act soalition urges feds to use U.S. tankers if SPR is tapped[/B]

[U][[B]“New Congressional law now requires DHS and DOT to comply with certain requirements to maximize the use of U.S.-flag vessels for the transportation of oil…” [/B]]( SPR.html)[/U]