NOAA Chart paper

After hitting foreign ports all year, using Admiralty charts, I ordered NOAA charts for our U.S. port calls. Needless to say I was disappointed and promised myself I would never do that again. The paper was like plastic, you can’t write on it.

That said, the second batch of charts came with different paper, near Admiralty paper I’ll call it. The first batch had come from Nautisk and the second from Baker Lyman. How do you specify what type of paper you want when you order???

Regardless, having to convert everything to feet and on most charts to ddmmsss makes it not worth it. The pilot stations and VTS check ins are not marked. Plus the Admiralty charts are graduated on parallels and meridians in the middle of the chart so you reach almost everywhere with one triangle.

Why convert to either?

Either find out what kind of paper Baker Lyman prints their charts on and ask for that or specify on your order that you want charts from Baker Lyman.