Nicole taking direct aim at Indian River County, FL

Fearless local news anchor and bon vivant Andy Hodges pleads with the town mayor to warn of impending disaster but instead, the mayor who doesn’t want citizens meddling in municipal affairs advises his beloved resident bar flies and the early snowbirds milling around like a heard of lovesick cows that there’s nothing to fear from Nicole.
He assures us that should damage occur, people wearing bright vests and clipboards will soon go door to door to assure us that Uncle Sam has everything under control.
Personally, the gusty winds this afternoon made our lunch at a local beach tiki bar a bit too sporty as we were constantly kept busy preventing dishes and drinks from sliding off the table.
He’s got me thinking I should prolly go down to my boat and head to the Bahamas for refuge.


The center of the storm passed over the small coastal town I live in at 0200 this morning. The winds in the eyewall were clocked at 179 mph. Many of the riverfront docks were severely damaged and several pleasure boats broke their moorings but no catastrophic damage to buildings of loss of life reported so far. FPL crews are working to restore power.

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