New Launch! SPMT Loadout Ramp Design Spreadsheet ( launches the SPMT Loadout Ramp Design Spreadsheet

This App can be used to design a simple steel plate to be used as a ramp for loadout using SPMT Trailer

Very useful to design a simple wide steel plate to be used during simple loadout operation
[li]The plate is placed between the Quay and the Vessel/Barge to cover the gap and act as a bridge for loadout (see Fig)[/li][li]The spreadsheet evaluates the strength of the steel plate by considering it as a simply supported wide beam with the Quay-Barge gap as upsupported span[/li][li]The plate is designed for a single file of the SMPT trailer.[/li][li]If there are multiple files, plates with the same design can be added for other files during loadout[/li][/ul]

A youtube video can be found here:

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